Not Ready for Hearing Aids? Here Are Your Options

Don’t want Hearing Aids? You may notice that you, your elderly parent, significant other, or loved ones may not be hearing as well as they used to. You or your loved ones continuously ask to repeat what was said, whether in person or on the phone, turn the tv up loud, or struggle to hear

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7 Reasons What Causes Feedback in Hearing Aid

There are hearing aid users who have had wonderful experiences with their hearing devices, and there are some who are just a tad bit frustrated with their devices.  One of the most common reasons why some hearing aid users are frustrated with their hearing devices is this: the whistling of their hearing aid called feedback. 

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Will Hearing Aids Help Vertigo?

There have been questions from patients regarding whether hearing aids can help suppress or eliminate vertigo or dizziness. The majority of research has favored hearing aids as part of the treatment for vertigo and balance disorders. What is Vertigo? Vertigo occurs when an individual feels a false sense of motion (for example, the room is

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4 Things To Know When Earwax Becomes Problematic

Did you know that earwax is a good thing for your ears? Most folks don’t even know that earwax can help prevent bugs from entering into their ear canals. However, too much, too little, or a particular type of earwax could lead to problems for ears and hearing. Read more about what to do when

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5 Common Misconceptions Audiologists Hear

Just about every other day in the audiology or ENT office, patients or clients have expressed their thoughts on hearing loss and hearing aids. Some concerns that were expressed by patients or clients are concerns they may have a misconception about. Those misconceptions that audiologists and ENT physicians hear are relatively common, and of course,

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5 Best Ways to Clean Your Hearing Aid

Cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids is a critical routine a hearing aid user should apply on a daily or weekly basis. Information about cleaning and maintaining your hearing devices should have been provided by your hearing healthcare provider, whether it is your audiologist or hearing aid specialist.  After the hearing aid fitting and

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What is Hyperacusis?

Hyperacusis is described as having an abnormally strong reaction to sound. People with hyperacusis typically experience discomfort for loud sounds and will avoid any environments and activities that may involve loud sounds. Misophonia or dislike of sound and phonophobia which is fear of sound involve abnormally strong emotional reactions to sound.  This can occur when

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What is Tinnitus?

  Tinnitus (Tin-a-tus or tin-EYE-tus) is described as the perception of sound in one or in both ears or in the head when there is no external sound is present.  The sound is typically and often described as ringing, whistling, hissing, or a roaring noise. Tinnitus can be intermittent or even constant and can range

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