Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

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Improving your quality of life. Physical, emotional, social and mental well-being are all connected to the ability to hear well. According to the National Council on Aging [NCOA]*, hearing aid use is positively related to many quality of life issues. Treating your hearing loss can improve interpersonal relationships, reduce a feeling of paranoia and anxiety and improve your overall health!

Hearing Health Care Services

Hearing and Vestibular Evaluations

Hearing and Vestibular Evaluations are scheduled (as recommended) and performed by our licensed and nationally certified audiologists. Testing are subject to professional fees, however, health insurance often covered these services

If you are experiencing hearing issues or concerns with your ears in general, it is highly recommended that you see one of our ENT physicians, as it will make a difference in your treatment. See an ENT physician if you have earwax buildup issues, if you believe your hearing loss may be connected to current medical issues, and/or if you have additional symptoms such as ringing in the ears, headaches, sinus pressure, balance or dizziness problems and so forth.

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How good is your hearing?

Has any of these been occurred to you?
  • Trouble hearing on the telephone
  • Difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Sounds like people mumble or don’t speak clearly
  • If you misunderstood what people say
  • Often ask people to repeat themselves
  • People complain that I turn the TV volume up too high
  • You're very sensitive to loud sounds
  • You're don’t hear certain sounds that most people can hear

Do not hesitate to contact our office to see an ENT Physician or an Audiologist if you are experiencing any of those hearing concerns.

How well is your hearing?

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