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Complete Hearing Aid Services

Our Audiology Department is committed to providing the best hearing aid services and care. We offer the latest in hearing aid technology ranging from the basic level to the most advanced level and provide patients with a wide range of hearing aid color and styles.

Following the initial hearing evaluation, should the certified and licensed audiologist determine that a patient has a non-medical issue with their hearing, then a treatment option of using a hearing aid(s) may be recommended. Just as with the case of all electronics, hearing aid technology is continuously improving. Hearing aid manufacturers produce devices that utilize computer capabilities to enhance the processing of speech, making soft sounds audible, and loud noises more comfortable automatically. Additional options such as manually adjusting volume and memory features are available and can be programmed in hearing aids using the latest hearing aid software technology.

Most patients with the advanced technology level hearing aids report much better speech understanding in the presence of background noise such as in a noisy restaurant and other social situations. Currently, some hearing aids are now Bluetooth ready and can be connected directly to a cell phone device, such as an Apple iPhone, an Android, or other Bluetooth devices such as an iPad. Rechargeable hearing aids are also available, making it more comfortable to wear hearing aids without the need of changing hearing aid batteries on a consistent basis. A 30-day trial period with new hearing devices will allow the patients to listen to the difference in their hearing and to experience the benefit of the latest hearing aid technology. Improved communication skills lead to a better and more complete lifestyle. In this day and age of technology, no patient with a hearing problem should struggle to listen but to experience the joys of hearing as part of everyday life.