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Healthy Hearing Within Your Reach
Our Audiology Department provides additional services such as custom ear plugs, Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid earmolds, hearing aid accessories, hearing aid cleaning tools, and so much more.
For swimmers, custom swim molds will protect the ears from water exposure. For those in high noise environments and the music profession, custom ear molds can provide hearing protection and reduce the risk of further hearing damage.
Hearing aid accessories includes: hearing aid remote control which will allow a patient to conveniently adjust hearing aid(s) volume and memory settings in the palm of their hands. Bluetooth accessories, in which the hearing aids can be connected to Bluetooth devices such as an android phone or a tablet are available. Hearing aids can also be connected to the television using a T.V. Adapter.
Hearing aid cleaning tools include cleaning brush, wax filters, and hearing aid dryers, all which are use to clean and care for the hearing aids in order to protect the investment of the hearing aids.
In the near future, our audiology department will be providing options for over the counter (OTC) hearing aids for individuals with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Hearing aid care and services for OTC hearing aids will be available as well.

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