Hearing Aid

Providing a complete and the best hearing aid services and care. We offer the latest in hearing aid technology ranging from the basic level to the most advanced level.

Hearing Care Related Services

Services such as ear impressions for custom ear plugs and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid earmolds; hearing aid accessories, hearing aid cleaning, and so much more.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Hearing and Vestibular Evaluations are scheduled (as recommended) and performed by our licensed and nationally certified audiologists.

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Welcome to Arlington Audiology Associates

Healthy Hearing Within Your Reach
Our Audiology Department is committed to providing the best hearing aid services and care. We offer the latest in hearing aid technology ranging from the basic level to the most advanced level and provide patients with a wide range of hearing aid color and styles.
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Complete Hearing Evaluation

We provide a complete hearing evaluation to assess our patients’ hearing sensitivity and to determine whether the patient is a candidate for hearing amplification.

Quality Hearing Test Equipment

We utilize top quality hearing test equipment in order to provide an accurate hearing test results for our patients.

Top Quality Hearing Aids

We work with only the top quality and popular hearing aid manufacturers in order to provide the best hearing aid devices for our patients.

Friendly Audiologists

Our office consists of state-licensed, and clinically-certified audiologists who are willing to provide the best hearing healthcare experience for our patients.

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Check out different styles of Hearing Aids

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Patients with BTE (Behind-the-ear) vs RICs (Reciever-in-the-canal)

Our Audiology Office

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Our Audiology Office

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Come in and see an Audiologist today
  • Batteries provided free for 3 years from purchase of the device
  • Quarterly hearing aid cleaning and adjustments as needed
  • Yearly hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid technology updates
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid options available

*on any new hearing aid purchase

Healthcare financing for you and your family

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that provides you the flexibility and convenience to manage your family’s out-of-pocket healthcare cost with No Interest if Paid in Full within 12 months financing option*

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We work with every hearing aid manufacturer in order to provide variety of hearing aid selection for our patients. We help choose the best hearing aid options for patients based on the  hearing sensitivity, hearing needs, and lifestyle. Hearing aid selections take place during the hearing aid evaluation appointment. Each hearing aid manufacturers have their own variety of up to date, digital hearing aid models and technology, whereas Westone provide options such as hearing protection and swim plugs. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation and consultation.


We are a group of Professional and Friendly Audiologists, ENT Physicians, and Staff

  • Complete audiological evaluations
  • Wide selection of digital hearing instruments
  • 30-day hearing aid trial period
  • In-office repairs*
  • Loss and Damage Warranty
  • Repair warranty
  • Repair and Loss & Damage Warranty renewal options
  • Periodic Hearing aid Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Hearing aid Drop off (for Repair* or Hearing Aid Cleaning)

*In-office repair varies; sometimes repairing requires sending the device to the manufacturer.

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